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ShopBot Feed Generator for Magento

ShopBot Feed Generator for Magento
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The ShopBot Extension for Magento provides an XML feed to meet the Shopbot specification. Shopbot is an australian based online shopping comparator that works to drive sales leads to your e-commerce store. Once installed within Magento, a management interface in the admin section is available to allow you to customise the features and options.

This module has been tested with Magento versions 1.3.x however we are confident that it will work with earlier versions of Magento and can provide support as well as a professional installation service for $50 inc. GST. The module works by generating the feed on request, cache headers can be customised so that multiple requests can be easily managed by your server.

Current release: v1.0 (stable)

  • Ability to enable/disable the output
  • Specify a Default Category for products that do not belong to a category
  • Ability to customise the caching parameters within the header of the output
  • Filter to sanitise output of product names/descriptions